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Nursery Cloud Decorative Hook

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The cloud decorative hook is attached with a strong adhesive which is suitable for attachment to glass, ceramic tile, stainless steel and concrete walls. This little budget-friendly add on is perfect for hanging up baby towels, gowns, nappy bags or beautiful wall art. 

Material: plastic
Color: White
Size: 29cm x 14cm

Instructions for use:
1. Wipe the surface where the hook is to be attached
2. Dry the surface with hot air
3. Tear open the backless film at the back of the hook
4. Use hot air to blow a trace for a few seconds
5. Attach the hook to the corresponding wall
6. Press hard and leave to dry for 10  hours 

The Nursery Cloud Decorative Hook is a sensational customer favorite, and we hope you like it just as much.